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Local owned Tanzania Safari Tour Operator based in Arusha. Tanzania is extremely diverse, with a large part of the country devoted to the conservation of wildlife in its natural habitat. Best time to Visit Tanzania for Wildlife Safari is all year around and the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti is usually during June and July and the time to see the wildebeest calving is late January to February. Wildlife Safari in Tanzania at its best with Asili Explorer Safaris.

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The name Asili comes from a Swahili word meaning “NATURE” this means the company is established to bring, man wildlife and eco-system together, by making our Guests walk the path we have been walking through for  ages and share our  immersing  culture through African meals.

We do Safari in Tanzania and Zanzibar and other Tanzania Safari destinations. We serve the best of Tanzania Safaris and Holidays. Offering Tanzania Budget Safari to all Tanzania Parks and Zanzibar Beach, from lodge Safaris, Adventure Camping Safaris, Cultural visits, Kilimanjaro treks on various Climbing routes, Serengeti Plain for the Great Wildebeest Migration.

We also provide for special interest tours for Incentive Travel, cultural studies, wedding ceremony, honeymoon, scientific expeditions. Our clients are happy to be contributing to a sustainable industry where the local people as well as the wildlife benefit from visitors.

Explore Africa! Through memorable superb Safari times by an experienced passionate guide. Our guides are the ones who make a difference between normal safari and a real lifetime adventure.

Asili Explorer will plan your tailor-made dream safari itinerary and turn it to life. We offer most competitive safari rates on the market without compromising quality. Asili will walk with you, a path you have never walked before.

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Our professional travel consultants are experts in Tanzania Safaris, Kilimanjaro climbs and Zanzibar beach holidays. From the planning of your safari to the last day of your journey, they are there for you. They can advise you about accommodation, the best places to visit, planning of the game drives and everything else involving your safari.

We arrange the best safaris in Tanzania offering real value and excellent customer service.

We create an itinerary that is suited to your needs in terms of budget, goals and interests.

We have the expertise and knowledge to clearly understand your needs.

One of our travel consultants will be available to guide you through every step including free advice from booking through to successfully completing your journey.

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Tanzania is waiting to proudly show you the best it has to offer. There are many amazing places in the world, but TANZANIA will continuously be something exceptional. It really pristine and is less unspoiled, remarkable and exclusive wilderness you can imagine.

Travel in style! EXPLORE TANZANIA Through memorable and superb Safari times, Enjoy secure travel and a wonderful informative experienced PASSIONATE GUIDE who make a difference between normal Safari and a real lifetime adventure.

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When it comes to exploring exotic places, the choices are numerous. Whether you like peaceful destinations or vibrant landscapes, we have offers for you.

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes

There are many different trekking and climbing tours available for those wishing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. In fact, even those who have climbed the mountain before can find a new adventure on this stunning mountain. You can choose whether to climb alone, join an existing climb, or bring a group of your own.

Marangu Route

It has now been delegated to number two by the Machame route. Duration: 5 days

acclimatization day can be added


  • Low cost and Accommodation is in huts.
  • The only route that uses the same way up and down.


  • Very crowded and Camping is not allowed.

Machame Route

Machame route is one of the most scenic routes on Kilimanjaro and quickly became the most popular Kilimanjaro route. Duration: 6 or 7 days


  • Very scenic and Relatively low cost.
  • Higher success rate than Marangu.


  • Very crowded and Higher level of difficulty.

Lemosho Route

Remote and beautiful, but long and expensive, this route also approaches Kilimanjaro across the Shira plateau. Duration: 7 – 8 days


  • Very scenic route and Plenty of time for acclimatization.


  • High cost and Higher difficulty level.
  • Meets the Machame and Shira trail, hence very crowded on the later days.

Shira Route

The route over the Shira Plateau has several possible variations. Duration: 6 – 8 days


  • Less crowded on the first days.
  • Very scenic.


  • Higher cost.
  • Higher difficulty level.
  • Meets the Machame trail, hence very busy on the later days.

Rongai Route

Is the only route to approach Kilimanjaro from the north. Duration: 5 or 6 days


  • Approaches the mountain from the driest side, best chances of good weather.
  • You descend on the Marangu route.


  • Higher cost due to additional travel to reach other side.
  • Considered somewhat less scenic.

Umbwe Route

The steepest Kilimanjaro route. Steep with a big capital S.

Duration: 5 – 6 days.

This route is not used much. The Umbwe route is only suitable for people with mountain climbing experience and who are already well adapted to the altitude.

Northern Circuit Route

Duration: 9 days.

The Northern Circuit route is one of the best routes on Kilimanjaro, offering nearly 360 degrees of beautiful scenery including the quiet, rarely visited northern slopes. As the longest route on Kilimanjaro, the Northern Circuit also has the most acclimatization time and the highest summit success rate. Thus, the Northern Circuit route is highly recommended.